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Benjamin Stoodley

University of Maine at Augusta

    2016    Bachelor of Architecture

    + Resume


Arielle Cousens

University of Maine at Augusta

    2015    Bachelor of Arts, Sculpture Concentration

    2015    Bachelor of Arts in Architecture

    + Resume

MSK+ is a collaborative, design team, located in Central Maine. We are a team of architectural and artistically focused individuals with a passion for creating meaningful environments and objects to enhance them with. This team has an appreciation for quality craftsmanship, simplicity and integrity of materials and methods of creation, and probity in purpose and desire. We are constantly seeking to surround ourselves with a world that is reliable and shows concinnity at every level of involvement.


As a young company based in the New England area we approach our work with much attention towards regional sustainability. We believe in supporting our local communities by actively engaging with them as a company and within each project. The decision to change an environment or to create a new one comes at the cost of altering the state of an existing one. For this reason we believe that this decision carries an immense weight that should be respected and well established in conception above all else.


Both Arielle and Benjamin find pride in the acts of creating and doing. There is something truly special about seeing a project all the way through; from thoughts to things. We value our clients and customers willingness to engage in the process as much as possible. We greatly admire the self-sustaining persons who are willing to get dirty when creating their world.

As such we attempt to use recycled and found materials as much as we can. We enjoy bringing artifacts that are worn out or abandoned back into use, while giving them new purpose and new life.


2020   'Herd Bound' & 'Practice Makes Perception', Solo Exhibitions, The Gallery, Readfield, Maine, October

2019    'Artists in your Neighborhood', The Gallery, Readfield, Maine, September

2017    Pop-up Show, Harlow Gallery, Hallowell, Maine, September

2016    NMCC Sculpture Commission, Maine Arts Commission - Percent for Art, Presque Isle, Maine

2015    Stable Gallery, Damariscotta, Maine, May - October

              SVCA Champagne on the Sheepscot Fundraiser, Westport Island, Maine, September 12

              Harlow Gallery / Vaughan Homestead, Hallowell, Maine, July 3 - August 31

              Danforth Gallery, Senior Exhibition, Augusta, Maine, May 4 -29

              Danforth Gallery, Juried Student Show, Augusta, Maine, April 14 - May 1

              Portland Flower Show, Portland, Maine, March 4 - 8


2014    Light on Water Art Walk, Augusta, Maine, November 6

              Winds of Change Seeds of Possibility, Viles Arboretum, Augusta, Maine, April-September

              Danforth Gallery, Juried Student Show, Augusta, Maine, April - May


2013    Androscoggin River Trail, Leeds, Maine, July - August

              Danforth Gallery, Juried Student Show, Augusta, Maine, April - May


2012    Danforth Gallery, Juried Student Show, Augusta, Maine, April - May

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