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Project Summary

In conceptualizing Komorebi for the Northern Maine Community College, we drew inspiration from the rich history of farming, industry and logging in the Aroostook County. While these industries have declined over generations, making way for new technologies and advancements that shape our lives today, Aroostook County remains united in their cultural values and traditions of the past.


For this project, we elected to use elements left over from these industries as the structure of these reliefs. We chose to create silhouettes of tools & other found objects that once held significant purpose in earlier periods, but are now relics mostly useless, broken and discarded.


As Aroostook Hall is home of the technology programs and the campus computer lab, we thought it fitting that these metal panels frame the vestibule into the building, creating scattered shadows across the entry sequence and bringing focus to the heritage of old industries that were the building blocks of modern technology.

“Komorebi” is a Japanese word, used to describe “the dappling effect of light shining through the leaves of trees”. Here, we adopt this word to describe the transitional environment that we created with the use of light passing though the matrix of historical elements.

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